Charles Stark Draper Innovative Practice Award - ASME

November, 2002 - Professor John J. Moskwa has been awarded the ASME Charles Stark Draper Innovative Practice Award. This award is given every other year by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Dynamic Systems and Control Division "for either excellent sustained contributions or for an outstanding major, singular contribution in innovative applications of dynamic systems, measurement, or control in engineering practice."

The citation for this award reads "For his development of high bandwidth transient engine test systems using advanced electronics and hydrostatics that now allow engineers to accurately replicate actual dynamic engine and powertrain loads and thereby improve engine-powertrain designs."

The award is named after Charles Stark Draper, who is the founder of Draper Laboratories in Cambridge Massachusetts, and Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT. Doc Draper is know as the "father of inertial navigation". Among his many achievements, he led the team that developed the control strategies for the Lunar Lander or Lunar Excursion Module (L.E.M.), which was used on all of the lunar landings 1969-72. He was one of Time's "Men of the Year" (lower left on the Time cover), and the photo at the right shows Charles Stark Draper (l.) with Werner von Braun and the Apollo Guidance Computer at Draper Laboratories (c. 1962).

Professor Moskwa had the honor of personally meeting Doc Draper at Draper Labs in 1987 (shortly before his death in 1990) while he was a PhD student at MIT. Professor Moskwa accepted the award at the 2002 ASME IMECE in New Orleans, LA on behalf of his students that have made contributions to this programs. Draper Award Recipents

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